Educational Cleanliness Auditing Services

Educational facilities should always be held to the highest cleanliness standards, making certain that all students, faculty, and staff operate in a safe and protected environment.

Westech Systems provides comprehensive cleanliness auditing services and consultations to educational facilities in order to accomplish a level of cleanliness that is beyond reproach. Our methods are the most thorough in the industry, encompassing auditing as well as the development of overall strategies, solutions, and tools to address cleaning issues.

Some of our Service offerings for our Education Clients Include

  • Independent cleaning audits to determine whether your cleaning contractor or in-house cleaners are meeting the cleanliness level, as determined in your contract.
  • The Westech auditing methodology for the educational setting is based on the APPA cleaning standard, as well as our twenty-five years of experience and continued research.
  • Our independent audits can complement internal inspections and provide unbiased, in-depth reporting on all aspects of facilities’ cleanliness. They establish accountability for contractors and in-house staff; cleanliness levels will increase as a result.
  • Inspections can be used as an ongoing benchmark tool and will pinpoint the source and cause of any deficiencies. Westech will complete:
    • Internal visual audits.
    • External visual audits of your outside areas including entrances, parking lots & patios.
    • ATP Audits to ensure frequently touched surfaces are being properly disinfected.
  • Implementation of a web-based cleaning audit system using Apple Devices which includes:
    • Creation of a site-specific database
    • Integrated APPA based auditing/cleaning standards.
    • Certification training for your internal cleaning auditors.
    • Visual auditing for the interior & exterior.
    • Tracking maintenance audits.
  • Implementation of a productivity management software system that informs you of exactly how many people you need to clean your facility, all while improving the efficiency of your department and balancing your workloads.

The College of New Caledonia sourced and engaged Westech Systems Inc to conduct an independent cleanliness audit of our Prince George Campus. We found the Westech staff to be very professional, customer-focused and overall a collaborative team who were very engaged during the entire review. Westech was committed to providing the College with a very impartial unbiased and comprehensive review using the APPA standards and they by far exceeded their commitment and our expectations. The point that resonates with me the most is that Westech’s values and principles clearly come right from the top. Their President lives and breathes customer experience and truly, this is quite often what is missing in today’s business environment. Thanks. Sincerely, Frank.

Frank Hale

Director of Procurement and Ancillary Services

College of New Caledonia

As Director of Facilities at Capilano University, I am please to recommend Westech Systems as Janitorial Consultant well versed in the Industry.

Susan Doig

Director Facilities Department

Capilano College

We are pleased to recommend Westech Systems as a Janitorial consultant company, who is well versed in the industry standards and regulations.

Todd Bonderoff

Director of Facilities Department

Northern Lights College

Westech has helped Vancouver Community College out over the years with performing cleaning audits that have really given us an accurate measure of how clean our facility is and, in doing so, has helped us improve our cleanliness outcomes with our cleaning contractors.

Gary Larmour

Building Manager

Vancouver Community College

As Manager of Facilities Services at Langara College, we have received excellent results in our time working with Dean and his team at Westech Systems and would recommend their firm to you.

Raymond Leung

Manager of Facilities

Langara College

We engaged Westech to help us objectively measure the cleanliness of our facility to compare our APPA based cleaning contract with the actual onsite cleaning outcomes.  We were very impressed with Westech’s ability to incorporate our specific cleaning standards into their audit system.  The results were informative and helped our cleaning contractor to follow through on implementing improvements.

Cindy MacIntosh

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Facilities and Campus Development, British Columbia Institute of Technology